What Every Pediatric Practice Manager Needs to Know About Vaccine Inventory

This is a guest post by Paul Vanchiere. He is the co-founder of Pediatric Practice Institute, a pediatric centric service company that helps practices and healthcare networks leverage their success and maximize their potential.  … [Read more...]

Insurance Contract Negotiations: 15 Tips From a Pro

Today’s guest blog post comes from David Horowitz MD. Dr. Horowitz responded to a question on SOAPM regarding how to go about negotiating with a payer. I thought his advice was practical, to the point and very useful, so I asked him if he had an issue with me posting his response. He graciously agreed to share his comments with readers of PediatricInc. By the way, this is not an unusual response on SOAPM. Most comments are this … [Read more...]

Survey To Identify Delays in VFC vs. Private Shipments

If your pediatric practice participates in the VFC program, you are aware that VFC generally ships their vaccine later than one’s private vaccines. As many of us know, this delay becomes a burden during the flu season. For example, in our practice, we often receive our private flu shipment a month, sometimes nearly two months, before VFC vaccines. I always thought this was an Illinois issue, but apparently, the delay happens all over the … [Read more...]