#14 Dr. Natasha Burgert Joins Us To Talk About Social Media [Pediatric Practice Management Awesome-Cast]

Wow, we scored big this week and somehow convinced Natasha Burgert - queen of pediatric social media - to speak to us. Her real-life stories are great. Don't believe us? Watch/listen and see her Twitter effort or check out her blog. A special shout out to an awesome vaccine-related charity that Dr. Burgert supports: Shot @ Life! As always, you can get the AwesomeCast in different formats: iTunes Google+ PPMM Community … [Read more...]

How Does One Know When They Are Doing Social Media Right?

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at the CCPA's annual meeting about social media. My pitch? Incorporate social media in your practice. Why? It is good for pediatrics and it is also good for you. During the questions and answers session, I was asked how does one know when they are doing social media right. Great question, but I think I gave the doc a poor answer. I didn't want to say, this is how you know you are doing it right, because … [Read more...]

Social Media, More Than Just a Presence

Having an online presence does five things: 1) It allows the practice to engage patient outside of the practice which is appealing to parents. 2) It creates a sense of community which shows what the practice is about. 3) It gives parents/patients a platform to share their positive experience about the practice; which is critical in the context of potential patients/parents evaluating one’s practice from online reviews. 4) It allows … [Read more...]

Top 11 Pediatric Facebook Pages

Does your practice have a Facebook page? If you don’t, have you wondered what your practice can do with a Facebook page? Why would you need one anyway? Have you wondered what other pediatricians are doing with their Facebook pages? I’ve put together a list of my Top Facebook favorites pediatric pages (I was going to make it top 10, but I couldn't decide which one to drop). These pages will give you a good starting point. And for those that … [Read more...]

Medical Practice: 7 reasons why you may want to use social media

"Twitter? I don't have time for that, besides, my life is boring; nobody wants to hear about my boring life." This is a common response when I talk to people about social media. One of the reasons I think many have a hard time persuading docs to adopt social media, is because docs don't understand what they can do with social media or how they can use it for their practice. For the most part, people consider Twitter and Facebook a time waster. … [Read more...]