What Good Is A Broke Doctor?

I was invited a few years back to give a talk on vaccine management. The audience was mainly adult doctors from various specialties. My assignment was to pull back the curtain on how our pediatric practice managed vaccines. In preparation for the talk I spoke to several family practice and internal med practice managers to understand what were the obstacles that steered their practices away from giving vaccines. The practice managers I … [Read more...]

Small or Big: What is the future of small private practices?

Many experts and pundits are predicting that the downward pressure we are seeing in healthcare will claim small independent private physicians first. Those that are not affiliated or belong to a hospital or large healthcare network will not survive, say the pundits. The argument is that these small practices will not be able to withstand the financial and administrative pressures of the new healthcare landscape. Others very eloquently argue … [Read more...]

Does your practice need a business manager?

When we first opened our practice, we knew we needed to hire an office manager to handle paying the bills, managing the staff’s time of and buying all the office supplies. But we didn’t anticipate that we’d need a business manager. Soon after we opened, it was apparent that the practice needed a business manager – not an office manager – but a business manager. Medical practices are relatively complex businesses. And they generate a lot of … [Read more...]