Deceptively Easy Way to Improve Your Practice, Guaranteed

On a piece of paper, write down this question: It doesn't have to be written exactly like I wrote it. Any variation will do. Then, make copies. Several of them. For the next few days or even weeks, hand each parent that comes to visit your office the sheet of paper with the question on it. While they wait, they will have plenty to think about out. You can ask them to use the remaining space - as well as the other side - if they require … [Read more...]

How to Deliver Exceptional Service In a Medical Office

I wrote a piece for FiercePracticeManagement last week that I wanted to share with you all. The piece talks about an experience I had while I was on vacation. I was trying to reschedule an appointment I had the next day with my doctor. The experience turned into a little ordeal that frustrated the heck out of me. One part I didn't mention in the piece due to word limit constraints is that during all this rescheduling fiasco, I was out of … [Read more...]

Talent Management And Health Care

I often hear executive management teams reply that the most important priority for their organizations is the patient. If so, why wouldn’t they have the best people assist patients? If the patient is the most important concern of a health care organization, then the employees ought to be more important than the patients. Right? After all, employees are the ones influencing patient's overall experience. Yet, many employees at hospitals and … [Read more...]