#23 Step by Step Guide To Setting Prices For Your Medical Practice [Pediatric Practice Management AwesomeCast]

At the end of last year, Chip and I talked about New Years resolutions. I shared a few things I had on my list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2014 and Chip provided several suggestions we could do as a practice. One of Chip's resolutions for practices, was to adjust our pricing. I wrote his suggestion down. The truth is, I haven't looked at our pricing in a couple of years. So I knew it was time. The thing is, I wasn't sure if I was … [Read more...]

Are You Happy With Your Compensation?

My buddy and co-host on the Pediatric Practice Management MediaCast has put together a Pediatric Compensation Model Survey on SurveyMonkey. The purpose of the survey is to find patterns of compensation model satisfaction among private pediatric practices. Here is Chip in his own words: In more plain language, I want to get to the core of why some practices are so much happier than others when it comes to how they pay themselves. I … [Read more...]

#10 Pediatric Compensation Models [Practice Management VideoCast]

http://youtu.be/BbB-PqE-6LI In an amazing feat of timely discussion, Chip cover the topic of compensation models in pediatric practices. It's not just about the pay, it's about the management duties, performance measures, and dissatisfaction that many practices feel with their present methods of paying themselves. We reference many real-life examples and data from a survey of 100s of pediatricians. Chip will be covering this topic at … [Read more...]

Why I Think The RVU System Sucks

From the title of this blog post alone, I think you know how I feel about RVUs. However, if you want to hear my reasoning, read on. One of my biggest problems is that the RVU system is decided by a secret society composed of specialist. Nobody seems to have a problem that a “secret society” decides how much work and how much cost should be allocated to a medical service. Medical procedures are very dangerous and have a lot of risk, but so is … [Read more...]