Leaving a Hospital Job to Start a Solo Practice

Dr. Lois Freisleben-Cook is a pediatrician that started her practice after completing a two year contract with the local hospital. These days, you don’t hear about too many docs leaving hospital jobs to open up solo practices, so I wanted to learn amount what many consider to be a rare, dying breed of doctors. I reached out to Dr. Freisleben-Cook and asked her if I could ask some questions regarding her experience as a solo rural doc. She … [Read more...]

Preventive Medicine, Is it Really Better?

One of the cool things about this blog is that I get to meet interesting people. People reach out, comment, or challenge me from time to time, which I actually enjoy. It keeps me on my toes. Many of the people I meet have fascinating stories and backgrounds. One of them is Thompson Aderinkomi. Thompson is an Economist, he has a masters in Statistics, and he also has an MBA (I hear he is a pretty good musician too). Guess what industry Thompson … [Read more...]

Why is Measuring Sick to Well Ratio Important for your Pediatric Practice?

Simply put, measuring wellness-to-sick ratio estimates the focus a practice has on preventive care. And how can this info help your practice? Data shows that practices that have fewer sick visits to well visits tend to be practices with better financial outcomes. But there are other reasons why measuring sick to well ratios are beneficial to your practice. Practice Management extraodinaire Chip Hart from PCC has some really good reasons as to … [Read more...]