Deceptively Easy Way to Improve Your Practice, Guaranteed

On a piece of paper, write down this question: It doesn't have to be written exactly like I wrote it. Any variation will do. Then, make copies. Several of them. For the next few days or even weeks, hand each parent that comes to visit your office the sheet of paper with the question on it. While they wait, they will have plenty to think about out. You can ask them to use the remaining space - as well as the other side - if they require … [Read more...]

Achieving Efficient Practice Operations

I’ve come to the conclusion that achieving efficient practice operations comes by having a customer (not patient) service centered approach to the medical practice. I say customer and not patient because the word patient implies cared-for from a clinical perspective and a customer implies someone that we care, provide, and accommodate for their needs. Let me walk you through how I came to my conclusion. We (health care professionals) often … [Read more...]