10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Starting A Project To Ensure Success

Imagine all of the sudden you decide to go on a camping trip. So you round up your spouse and the kids, jump in the car and head out. No supplies, no route, camping equipment, site, food or proper clothes. When asked about all these things, you respond by saying, "We'll figure it out as we go along." I'm no camping expert, but I know that this is a silly way to go about camping. Talk about a recipe for disaster. But here is the thing... even … [Read more...]

How to Prepare For ICD-10 The Right Way

If you've done any reading about ICD-10, you know that this transition will be a monumental task. Fundamentally speaking, ICD-10 is a paradigm shift. It is designed to completely transform medical documentation. And since documentation is a lot of what doctors do, inevitably these changes will impact our day-to-day practice. In a recent AMA publication, the authors concluded that the two biggest challenges with implementing ICD-10 will be … [Read more...]