Microwaves and Health Care

Our microwave broke a couple of weeks ago. My wife went online, found the manufacture’s website and scheduled a technician to come to our house. The manufacture’s website advised us that the technician charged $85 just to show up. Of course parts and labor were extra. The scheduling was done entirely online and immediately after approval, we received an email confirmation for the date and time of the service call. As expected, they gave us a … [Read more...]

Achieving Efficient Practice Operations

I’ve come to the conclusion that achieving efficient practice operations comes by having a customer (not patient) service centered approach to the medical practice. I say customer and not patient because the word patient implies cared-for from a clinical perspective and a customer implies someone that we care, provide, and accommodate for their needs. Let me walk you through how I came to my conclusion. We (health care professionals) often … [Read more...]

Use Down Time To Reconnect

  As with any new business, when you first open, you generally are not as busy as you would like to be. Just like most practices, it took sometime before we had a full schedule. And even though seeing the empty schedule was a bit nerve racking, in retrospect, I think it was beneficial to have those hours of the day free of appointments because it gave us an opportunity to gather ourselves, get organized and most important, connect with … [Read more...]