4 Simple Questions That Will Make You A Better Manager To Your Employees

As humans, we have an uncanny ability to justify and explain situations in ways that benefit us.  For example... When we observe a father shouting, tugging or being overpowering towards their child, we raise an eyebrow and pass judgement on that parent’s poor parenting skills. If we lose our temper with our kids, we justify it by blaming the circumstances. We'll say, “if you knew how challenging my children are, you would understand.” In a … [Read more...]

What Disney Can Teach Medical Practices About Keeping Employees Motivated

While touring Magic Kingdom as part of the Disney Institute customer service program, I learned that Disney doesn’t pay better salaries than other companies. I also learned that promotions are hard to come by. With 60,000 employees working at the parks alone, it is difficult to be chosen for a promotion when thousands of people are also applying for the job. Disney Park employees work long hours, mostly standing, in 100% humidity for a good … [Read more...]

How to Keep Motivation High in Your Medical Office

Keeping staff motivated is crucial. But just offering a gift certificate to Starbucks from time to time won't give you sustainable motivation. In a study conducted by Kenneth Kovach of George Mason University, 1,000 employees and 100 of their bosses were asked to list things that they believe motivated employees.  Bosses thought employees would be motivated by good wages job security, while employees listed factors such as participating in … [Read more...]

Should I Open a Medical Practice in This Environment?

In the past few months I’ve been asked a couple of times what advice I would give to someone that is opening a practice from scratch. And in the same conversation I’m asked, do you think, considering everything that is going on now, if it is a good idea to open a medical practice. My short answer is, go for it! My long answer is, well, more complicated. First, I think it is important to assess one’s priorities and determine the true … [Read more...]