Do You Struggle With Budgeting?

Budgeting is no easy task. It is cumbersome, slow, frustrating and most often wrong by the time you finish with it. Most of us are really bad at budgeting, therefore we avoid it like the plague. But we should all agree that budgeting is very important and quite frankly a must when running a business. The way that I've approached budgeting for the practice over the years is by keeping it as simple as possible. And then, once I've mastered … [Read more...]

How to Prepare For ICD-10 The Right Way

If you've done any reading about ICD-10, you know that this transition will be a monumental task. Fundamentally speaking, ICD-10 is a paradigm shift. It is designed to completely transform medical documentation. And since documentation is a lot of what doctors do, inevitably these changes will impact our day-to-day practice. In a recent AMA publication, the authors concluded that the two biggest challenges with implementing ICD-10 will be … [Read more...]

Episode 3: What To Look For When Selecting A Medical Billing Company

We recorded another video... I think we are actually getting better at this. For this video, Chip and I talk about Billing Companies. Chip shared seven tips that ought to be on everybody's mind if they are considering going with a medical billing company. I shared with Chip our experience billing services, in-house billing and what circumstances have led us to have the setup we currently have; which I describe as a hybrid model. We also … [Read more...]