Easiest Way to Save Money For Your Medical Practice

One of the easiest and fastest way to save money for your practice, is joining a GPO. However, I’m amazed of how many medical practices don’t know what GPOs are, much less belong to one. If you don’t know what they are or what they do, I’d suggest to look into them. To help you get started, I asked Paresh Patel, National Sales Manager for a large GPO here inChicagoto answer a few questions for readers of this blog. Hopefully, you'll get a … [Read more...]

Top 11 Pediatric Facebook Pages

Does your practice have a Facebook page? If you don’t, have you wondered what your practice can do with a Facebook page? Why would you need one anyway? Have you wondered what other pediatricians are doing with their Facebook pages? I’ve put together a list of my Top Facebook favorites pediatric pages (I was going to make it top 10, but I couldn't decide which one to drop). These pages will give you a good starting point. And for those that … [Read more...]

How Social Media Can Transform Your Medical Practice

Written by Natasha Burgert MD Last summer, I joined millions of others in the deluge of social media. I committed one year of effort to see if social would enhance or distract from my pediatric practice. That was my goal, just one year. At that time, I wanted to dip my foot in the pool, and see if it made any ripples. The unexpected consequence was how much social media has changed my medical practice, and me. Ripples have returned as … [Read more...]

15 Reasons why you should go to PCC’s 2011 Pediatric Practice Management & Coding Conference

This summer, PCC will have their annual pediatric practice management & coding conference. This year, the conference is extra special for me because I’ve been asked to be a speaker. PCC usually has the top speakers give classes at their event. So I’m so excited and pleased to have been chosen to speak at this year’s event. My talk is titled 101 ways to transform your medical practice. I’ll be talking about some of the changes we need to … [Read more...]