11 Questions to Ask A Potential EMR Vendor About Their Software

Software demos are notoriously biased. EMR representative will generally show you the stuff that works really well. They will show you the stuff that will make you say, ooh, aaah. Nothing wrong with that. When I'm showing something off, I want to share the best of what I have too. But one of our main jobs as leaders of our medical practices, is to shift through the nonsense and get to the nitty gritty. So how do we know, from a practical … [Read more...]

Does your Medical Practice Charge for Medical Records?

We don't charge for medical records. And here is why: When people ask for their records, nine out of 10 times, it is because they are leaving the practice. And the way I look at it people leave for two reasons. They are upset at the practice They are leaving as a result of a situation beyond their control (eg insurance, moving, etc). Collecting payment from somebody that is upset at you or your practice is very uncomfortable and … [Read more...]

What is the Benefit of an EMR in a Medical Practice?

Today, I have another guest post. This time it's from Dr. Suzanne Berman MD, FAAP. Dr. Berman is also a contributor to Survivor Pediatrics. In this post, she gives insight into the real benefit of having a EMR. For example, many docs believe that a EMR will help them chart faster. But as Dr. Berman points out, that is not always true.  The real benefit of an EMR isn’t being able to put data in/chart faster – this is great if you can do it but … [Read more...]