#9 Marketing Your Pediatric Practice [Practice Management VideoCast]

Marketing is a topic that most private practices are interested in. Who doesn't want to get the word out about their practice and draw more patients, right? When we think about marketing, however, we often focus on the tactics. In other words, we think about whether an ad in the paper or a post-card or social media is better than mailing a letter to daycares in the area announcing the new doc that joined the practice.  But marketing is much … [Read more...]

How To Best Market Your Medical Practice, Guaranteed

A while back, I had the chance to fly JetBlue for the  first time. I was excited to fly JetBlue because I had heard so many cool things about the airline. "Ah, you are going to love their DIRECTV feature and their leather chairs," people said. Others mentioned how cool JetBlue’s JFK terminal looked. Needless to say, I was looking forward to it. As I was finally boarding the plane, I realized that the overhead compartment was too small for my … [Read more...]

Social Media: How to Use it to Improve your Practice

If you are in the Chicago area, I wanted to let you know about a chance to hear me speak. I will be speaking about Social Media: How to Use it to Improve your Practice at the CCPA Annual Meeting. If you are not a CCPA member, I'd suggest to become one. They are a great GPO. If you dont' know what a GPO is or how it can help your practice out, click on THIS link to learn more about how a GPO can save you serious money. And to learn more … [Read more...]