What A Top Management Guru Can Teach Us About Managing Our Medical Practice Better

Jim Collins affirms that accumulated progress is what drives greatness in companies. He adds that focusing and being disciplined about progress in small increments is the only way to become a great organization. Greatness, in other words, is not a silver bullet. It is a work in progress. And we get there not mile-by-mile, but rather inch-by-inch. We often talk about making things better. We often challenge the staff to think about how to … [Read more...]

Hiring 101: Finding and Keeping the Right People For Your Medical Practice

Written by guest post blogger, Jill Fahy In preparing for a presentation on hiring strategies a few years back, healthcare consultant Tim Rushford gained some wisdom from the late Dr. Charles Houston – a Vermont physician and mountaineer who led the first American Karakoram expedition to K2. And it was during the recent PCC Users' Conference that Rushford, who also owns PedsOne Billing Service, relayed this information to pediatricians and … [Read more...]