The Secret That Is Helping Practice Managers Hire The Best Candidates

When you are ready to hire your next doctor, what process do you follow? What steps does your practice take to ensure you are hiring the best candidate? For many of us, the process begins with shifting through CVs looking for candidates that look good on paper. And once we find one that does, we invite them for an interview. During the interview, we ask the candidate a series of questions with the intent to learn more about them professionally … [Read more...]

Hiring Stars: 8 Steps to Help You Through the Process

Not long ago, I was asked if I could provide some insight into hiring competent staff. I told the person that we were embarking on a similar journey to find top notch employees and the best that I could do, was share the steps that we've taken so far. Below is what I shared with the gentlemen that asked the question: Define Improvements Jot down, on a piece of paper, areas in your practice you need improvements. Don't just say, I need … [Read more...]