Q/A With Dr. Kristen Stuppy: Mother, Wife, Practicing Pediatrician, and Social Media Maven

Last year, Dr. Kristen Stuppy and I had an opportunity to do a webinar together for the AAP about social media. While preparing for the webinar and deciding on the content we were going to address, Dr. Stuppy and I exchanged several emails. Below, I’ve compiled our email and phone conversation along with the questions I asked Dr. Stuppy in preparation for the webinar. Dr. Stuppy’s answers provide a lot of insight in to the value of social … [Read more...]

How Web2.0 Can Help Your Medical Practice (Connect) Grow

Web 2.0 refers to the changing trends of the Internet, particularly with web design, which aims to enhance communication, information sharing, collaboration and functionality on the web. Just a few years ago, most web pages were static. When visiting a website one found the site had stagnant text with little or no user interaction. Today, web pages are much more dynamic. And as a result, new hosted services, such as social-networking sites, … [Read more...]