Three Simple Questions To Help You Manage Disruptive Employee Behavior

Guest post by Brenda S. Campbell One of the most challenging aspects of practice management is managing the people within the business. It can feel overwhelming to manage employee attitude, behavior and performance, especially if confrontation doesn’t come naturally. I have had the privilege of working for an amazing pediatrician for the last fifteen years. He’s been in practice for decades and has taught me so much about practice management, … [Read more...]

The Secret That Is Helping Practice Managers Hire The Best Candidates

When you are ready to hire your next doctor, what process do you follow? What steps does your practice take to ensure you are hiring the best candidate? For many of us, the process begins with shifting through CVs looking for candidates that look good on paper. And once we find one that does, we invite them for an interview. During the interview, we ask the candidate a series of questions with the intent to learn more about them professionally … [Read more...]

How Do You Best Motivate Employees?

Despite our efforts to recognize staff members for their outstanding work, the feedback we often get is that employees don’t feel appreciated enough. In other words, we appreciate our practice's team members, but they don't feel we recognize their work enough. Apparently, this is not something unique to our practice. I’ve read research that shows that most employee leave a company because they don’t feel their bosses appreciate their hard … [Read more...]

Hiring Stars: 8 Steps to Help You Through the Process

Not long ago, I was asked if I could provide some insight into hiring competent staff. I told the person that we were embarking on a similar journey to find top notch employees and the best that I could do, was share the steps that we've taken so far. Below is what I shared with the gentlemen that asked the question: Define Improvements Jot down, on a piece of paper, areas in your practice you need improvements. Don't just say, I need … [Read more...]

How To Take Care of Your Most Valuable Assets

Organizations often talk about how their employees are the company's strongest assets. Which is absolutely true. But very few actually take the time to ensure that their most valuable assets have what they need to perform their best. We believe they have what they need; we think they are comfortable; we assume they are happy, but how do we really know? We have a small group in our office that has been with us for a long time and for the … [Read more...]

Exit Interviews Before They Exit

Exit interviews are done when an employee is leaving the organization. The intent of the interview is for the employer to gather data for improving working conditions and retaining employees. Theoretically, I understand why one would want to do exit interview. But I don’t understand why one would wait until the employee is leaving to ask their opinion. Seems to me that at that point, it is too late. Asking employees exit interview type questions … [Read more...]