What Does a Medical Practice In Kenya Have in Common With a Medical Practice in the US?

At NCE last year, I got an opportunity to meet  Dr. Sidney Nesbitt. Dr. Nesbitt a pediatrician in Nairobi, Kenya and is very interested in practice management things like work flow improvements, hiring the right staff and working on making his clinic a better place for both him, his staff and his patients. I recently heard from Dr. Nesbitt. He shared with me that a group of MIT grad students conducted an assessment of his office in Nairobi in … [Read more...]

#7 Key Metrics We Should Use to Gauge the Financial Health of Our Medical Practice [Practice Management VideoCast]

In his 20 plus years in practice management, Chip has advised thousands of medical practices. So it occurred to me,  why don't I ask Chip how he assesses a practice? In other words, when he is preparing to counsel a practice, what reports, data sets or financial instruments he uses to identify whether or not the practice is a financially healthy practice. You don't want to miss this episode because Chip share with us some of the key metrics he … [Read more...]

First Ever Pediatric Practice Management Video Cast

When Chip Hart and I get together, we usually have very interesting conversations regarding practice management issues. I usually ask questions or share some of the challenges I'm currently facing at our practice. Chip brings his pediatric practice management consultant insights into the conversation. After we are done with our conversations I always wish we would have recorded the talk. I suspect that if I found the conversation valuable, … [Read more...]