5 Sure Ways To Accomplish Little

Trust me on this one. Follow these five tips and I can ensure you will have a harder time managing your medical practice. Money back guarantee! 1 - DONT WRITE GOALS DOWN It's far better to think about your goals on the drive to work in the morning and then forget them two days letter. Who wants to keep track of stressful things anyway? Besides, you'll only be disappointed 6-months from now when you discover you've only accomplished 4 out of … [Read more...]

Four Easy Steps To Successfully Create Bad Goals

If you have kids, you know that for whatever reason, they like to do the exact opposite of what we tell them. If you ask your child not to climb the furniture, you can almost be guaranteed that when you walk back into the room, your 6-year old will be on top of the furniture. Any sentence that begins with don't, stop, sit down, calm down, get up, come here, is in essence an invitation to do the opposite. More than once, I've encouraged bad … [Read more...]

What A Mud Run Can Teach You About Managing Your Medical Practice

A few weeks ago, I completed my very first mud run. A mud run is a 5K run with obstacles and mud, lots of it. Imagine a military style obstacle course with climbing walls, balance beams, mudslides, mud pools, mazes and all kinds of fun and crazy stuff. Doing a race like that brought a lot of personal satisfaction. It was a lot of fun and I would probably do it again. But the mud run - and the events leading up to the race - also did another … [Read more...]