10 Question You Must Ask If You Want Your Project To Succeed

When you observe large organizations, the kind that have MBAs, experienced managers and directors, a savvy CEO and a lot of resources, you would assume they succeed at every single project they do. They have the brain power, the money and the experience. Why would they not succeed? But the reality is, projects fail all the time. They take longer than expected, are often over budget, conflicts emerge, sometimes people get fired, others quit and … [Read more...]

Are You Being Intentional In Your Medical Practice?

Like many of us, I was gaining weight year after year. And of course, every couple of months or so I'd have plans to eat less and exercise more. I'll just start making better choices; I'll also bring food from home instead of eating out for lunch everyday; Oh, and I can also start walking in the evenings with the dog. These were all these things that I kept on telling myself and others. Of course, you all know what happened. I never stuck to … [Read more...]