8 Tips To Help You Publish Better Post To Your Medical Practice's Facebook Page

Salud Pediatrics Facebook Page Screen Shot

Are you looking to improve your practice’ Facebook Page? Want to give it a little boost? Perhaps engage parents more, get more fans or add value to your community? Well, you are in luck if you answered yes to any of those questions. Below are eight suggestions you can implement today to leverage your practice's Facebook page. 1. Keep it short. First things first. People like to scan on Facebook. Keep your writing short for better responses. 2. … [Read more...]

6 Simple Questions That Will Help You Understand Employee Satisfaction

We naturally assume we provide great work environments for our employees. I'm guessing most of us do anyway.  If asked, I'd bet most of you would say, with exception of one or two, most employees in my practice are happy with their employment. But can we be certain of this assumption?  If you want to put your assumptions to the challenge (and you are brave enough to receive the feedback) consider asking employees … [Read more...]

4 Remarkable Easy Ways to Get Employees To Meet Expectations

Humans have an uncanny ability to blame the circumstances surrounding them for their failures and short-comings. But when it comes to others, we place blame on their character. For example, if we see a parent yelling, tugging or being overpowering towards their child, we raise an eyebrow and pass judgement on that parent’s parenting skills. But if we lose our temper with our kids, we justify it by saying, “Well, if you knew how … [Read more...]