How Do You Best Motivate Employees?

Despite our efforts to recognize staff members for their outstanding work, the feedback we often get is that employees don’t feel appreciated enough. In other words, we appreciate our practice's team members, but they don't feel we recognize their work enough. Apparently, this is not something unique to our practice. I’ve read research that shows that most employee leave a company because they don’t feel their bosses appreciate their hard … [Read more...]

#12 How Do You Know When To Hire Your Next Physician? [Pediatric Practice Management MediaCast]

Recently, Chip and I saw a question posted on the SOAPM listserve that addressed this notion of when is it the right time to bring on a physician. We thought it was a great discussion topic so we decided to dedicate an entire episode surrounding some of things one ought to consider when bringing on a new doc. To give you a heads up, below you'll find part of the email that was submitted to the listserve. I recently interviewed a potential MD … [Read more...]

Hiring Stars: 8 Steps to Help You Through the Process

Not long ago, I was asked if I could provide some insight into hiring competent staff. I told the person that we were embarking on a similar journey to find top notch employees and the best that I could do, was share the steps that we've taken so far. Below is what I shared with the gentlemen that asked the question: Define Improvements Jot down, on a piece of paper, areas in your practice you need improvements. Don't just say, I need … [Read more...]

#5: Company or Practice Culture [Practice Management VideoCast]

Chip and I finally got our act together and recorded another video cast. This time, we talk about company culture. There is so much to say about company culture. Chip and I only focused on few items of course. I mostly talked about what are some of the efforts I've been employing in an effort to not only strengthen our company culture, but also grow it. I share some of the tools I used un order to accomplish this. Chip shares some of … [Read more...]

Hiring 101: Finding and Keeping the Right People For Your Medical Practice

Written by guest post blogger, Jill Fahy In preparing for a presentation on hiring strategies a few years back, healthcare consultant Tim Rushford gained some wisdom from the late Dr. Charles Houston – a Vermont physician and mountaineer who led the first American Karakoram expedition to K2. And it was during the recent PCC Users' Conference that Rushford, who also owns PedsOne Billing Service, relayed this information to pediatricians and … [Read more...]

How To Take Care of Your Most Valuable Assets

Organizations often talk about how their employees are the company's strongest assets. Which is absolutely true. But very few actually take the time to ensure that their most valuable assets have what they need to perform their best. We believe they have what they need; we think they are comfortable; we assume they are happy, but how do we really know? We have a small group in our office that has been with us for a long time and for the … [Read more...]

Exit Interviews Before They Exit

Exit interviews are done when an employee is leaving the organization. The intent of the interview is for the employer to gather data for improving working conditions and retaining employees. Theoretically, I understand why one would want to do exit interview. But I don’t understand why one would wait until the employee is leaving to ask their opinion. Seems to me that at that point, it is too late. Asking employees exit interview type questions … [Read more...]