6 Simple Questions That Will Help You Understand Employee Satisfaction

We naturally assume we provide great work environments for our employees. I'm guessing most of us do anyway.  If asked, I'd bet most of you would say, with exception of one or two, most employees in my practice are happy with their employment. But can we be certain of this assumption?  If you want to put your assumptions to the challenge (and you are brave enough to receive the feedback) consider asking employees … [Read more...]

Talent Management And Health Care

I often hear executive management teams reply that the most important priority for their organizations is the patient. If so, why wouldn’t they have the best people assist patients? If the patient is the most important concern of a health care organization, then the employees ought to be more important than the patients. Right? After all, employees are the ones influencing patient's overall experience. Yet, many employees at hospitals and … [Read more...]

Boosting Moral… Unintentionally

The other day we got a temp employee. The temp completed her training and then I asked her to tag along with one of the employees for the on-the-job training phase. A couple weeks later, the temp was on her own. Unfortunately, the temp made a few mistakes, so it was evident she needed a little more supervision and guidance. I asked one of our employees to supervise the temp. The employee responded:  “I thank you for the trust you and the … [Read more...]