Are You Following These 10-Steps Before Terminating A Physician- Patient Relationship?

This post was originally published on the Verden Group's Blog. Written by Sumita Saxena, Senior Consultant, The Verden Group It unfortunately can happen to anyone: You go above and beyond to provide your patients excellent care with uncompromising accessibility, and yet something somewhere goes wrong and the relationship quickly deteriorates. After trying your best to mend the problem it becomes clear – the relationship has broken down … [Read more...]

Insurance Contract Negotiations: 15 Tips From a Pro

Today’s guest blog post comes from David Horowitz MD. Dr. Horowitz responded to a question on SOAPM regarding how to go about negotiating with a payer. I thought his advice was practical, to the point and very useful, so I asked him if he had an issue with me posting his response. He graciously agreed to share his comments with readers of PediatricInc. By the way, this is not an unusual response on SOAPM. Most comments are this … [Read more...]

Can One Practice Really Negotiate And Win Against A Health Insurance Co.?

  I hear consultants suggest all the time that practices need to negotiate with health insurance companies in order to be fairly reimbursed for their services. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve always been very skeptical of this suggestion. Especially when one is a small practice. I mean, what is the incentive for a big health insurance company like BCBS (which is about 30% of our patient mix) to sit down and negotiate with our practice? Would … [Read more...]