Simple Yet Effective Leadership Lesson You Must Learn If You Are A Practice Administrator

One day, his wife complained that in their 25 years of marriage, he had never told her that he loved her. “I told you when we got married. I’ll let you know if it changes,” he replied. Acknowledging staff members or affirming employees for a job well done doesn't come naturally to me. I'm the kind of person that believes recognition isn't necessary when someone does as expected. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO WORK HARD For example, I've heard employees say, … [Read more...]

What Are the Best Ways To Contact Patients About Follow Ups and Appointment Reminders?

Today's guest blogger is Chip Hart. Chip is the Director of Pediatric Solutions at Physician's Computer Company and he blogs at Confessions of a Pediatric Consultant. This post is yet another discussion on the SOAPM listserv. By the way, if you are not part of SOAPM you are really missing out. Anyway, Chip answered a question that someone posted about email and text communication with parents. They wanted to know if anybody used a service they … [Read more...]

Twelve Customer Service Rules

Lately, we’ve been getting customer service complaints at our practice. If you’ve read my post in the past, you know that customer service is a huge thing for me. So admitting we’ve been having customer service issues is a big deal. But this blog isn’t only about our successes as a medical practice, but also about our challenges, lessons learned, and how we’ve dealt with those challenges.  If you notice up at the top of this page, the … [Read more...]