Are You Happy With Your Compensation?

My buddy and co-host on the Pediatric Practice Management MediaCast has put together a Pediatric Compensation Model Survey on SurveyMonkey. The purpose of the survey is to find patterns of compensation model satisfaction among private pediatric practices. Here is Chip in his own words: In more plain language, I want to get to the core of why some practices are so much happier than others when it comes to how they pay themselves. I … [Read more...]

Airlines, Medical Practices, And Teaching People A Lesson

Yesterday I called Continental Airlines to see what I could do with an unused ticket. They told me there was going to be $150 change fee, plus the difference in fare. The new ticket was less than the old ticket (thank goodness), so after paying the fee, they told me there was another “booking service fee” of $15. Huh? That is like paying for gas and then paying extra for using the pump. Thank you sir, may I have another… Later the agent … [Read more...]