Why We Selected Physician's Computer Company As Our New Practice Management Vendor

We decided to switch our practice management system. We selected Physician's Computer Company as our new vendor. I've been a fan of PCC since I learned about them and I've always said that had we known about them before buying all of our IT, we would of gone with them. But we had made a huge investment in IT before learning about PCC and it didn't make sense to move things over back then. We were already too vested in our infrastructure to make … [Read more...]

PediatricInc: Top 10 Post of 2011

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 post for 2011. Is Your Front Desk a Command Center? Top 11 Pediatric Facebook Pages Patient Collection Letters, What is Your Approach? Medical Practice Advertisement Tip #3, How To Save $80,000 How Social Media Can Transform Your Medical Practice Can Costco and Your Medical Practice Have Something in Common? Does Your Medical Practice Have a Problem with Bad Debt? Here is a … [Read more...]

Survey To Identify Delays in VFC vs. Private Shipments

If your pediatric practice participates in the VFC program, you are aware that VFC generally ships their vaccine later than one’s private vaccines. As many of us know, this delay becomes a burden during the flu season. For example, in our practice, we often receive our private flu shipment a month, sometimes nearly two months, before VFC vaccines. I always thought this was an Illinois issue, but apparently, the delay happens all over the … [Read more...]

All in the Family: When Spouses Work Together in the Office

Today's guest post comes via Jill Fahy. Jill is a marketing writer for a pediatric software company. She wrote this piece about spouses working together. This of course touches home. For those that don't know, Joanna, my wife is the senior doctor and owner of our medical practice. I manage the practice. How do we make it work? Well, Joanna does all the heavy lifting taking care of children and I just pay a few bills here and there. Actually, it … [Read more...]

New Generation of Doc’s, How Do We Motivate Them?

In talking with several people, the consensus seems to be that the new generation of doctors entering the workforce have a completely different set of priorities than that of the previous generations. The new generation wants to work, but they don’t want work to be their lives. They prefer for the job to accommodate their personal lives as opposed to the job dictating how they live their life. The new generation is more likely to change jobs … [Read more...]

A Concierge Practice Is To Healthcare What Segway Is To Transportation

The other day I was asked what I thought about the medical concierge model. The person I was speaking to wanted to know if I thought the concierge model will "save" primary care or if the concierge model could be a viable solution to the health care crisis. I think that the concierge model is to health care what the Segway is to transportation. When the Segway came out, people touted it as the next big thing in transportation; a solution to our … [Read more...]

How Does One Deal With Physician Rating Sites?

It seems that every couple of months, I hear a story about how a group of doctors that are trying to stifle patient’s ability to post negative comments online. The online community of course strongly opposes the notion of giving patients “gag orders.” People argue that if one can rate their local restaurant or mechanic shop, then why can’t patients rate physician and their offices. I’ve given doctor’s rating sites a lot of thought and I do … [Read more...]

Interesting Health Care Articles From Around the Web

Found a few interesting article this past week that I wanted to share with you all. Primary Care's Image Problem The first one is an article by Dr. Pauline Chen in The New York Times. She makes the case that primary care has an image problem, thus medical students and residents alike look down upon it. Dr. Chen, argues, however, that primary care is at a crossroads and that there is an opportunity to change its image right now. In my … [Read more...]