On PedTalk - a pediatric mailing list for those that don’t know - another discussion erupted concerning vaccines. As usual, the topic was about insurance companies not compensating pediatricians enough to cover the cost of vaccines. One person asked why pediatricians were not fighting this issue and why the American Academy of Pediatrics was not doing more to help pediatricians in this regard. Dr. Hershel Lessin responded… and boy did he … [Read more...]

How Would You Combat The Anti-Vaccine Sentiment?

I was very happy to see Wired magazine’s  cover story about vaccines titled An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endanger Us All. I’m a big fan of Wired, so to see they’ve written a piece advocating vaccines puts a smile on my face. If you haven’t read it, you can check it out here. Wired magazine published some of the readers’ responses to the story. The results? Polarizing! People are very passionate on both sides of … [Read more...]

The True Cost – An Emotional Story

I’ve heard a lot of people question why would parents/patients disregard their pediatrician’s advice (and credible scientific evidence), over a Playboy Bunny’s unscientific conclusion that vaccines cause autism. The answer is simple, really. Jenny McCarthy is telling an emotional and tragic story that depicts a mother struggling against all odds to overcome the challenges of her son’s disease. The pediatrician, on the other hand, is just … [Read more...]

Google, Apple, Printers and Vaccines

Google offers free services like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Maps. So how do they make money if they offer these things for free? They know their business isn’t about these products; it is about advertising. Thus, by creating all these cool services, they get eyeballs; and eyeballs drive advertising dollars. Apple sells songs via their iTunes store at 99 cents. Apple gets to keep just 29 (30%) cents from every MP3 they sell. Do they … [Read more...]

Sharing the Practice Management Love Part 2: Cost

Yesterday, I kicked off a series that gives readers a peak at some of the things our practice has been doing in order to stay strong as a practice and more important, as a business. The posts are motivated by seeing a lot of experts online recommending how to do things better, yet never really providing  practical examples of their recommendations. I’m not suggesting medical consultants and experts don’t have good ideas.  I just like to hear … [Read more...]