What can your medical practice learn from watching the show Iron Chef?

I enjoy watching Iron Chef America. I am amazed that the Food Channel can create a show about cooking that is exciting, competitive, informative, nail biting and fun all in a single show. Theoretically, a competitive cooking show sounds boring. What is fun and exciting about that? But Iron Chef makes you root for a guy to pull out a lobster from the boiling water so he can plate it in time, while the other guy is running franticly chopping … [Read more...]

Can Costco and Your Medical Practice Have Something in Common?

I always feel guilty when I’m at Costco and I sample a product without any intention of actually buying it. Like those delicious bite size quesadillas or that scrumptious guacamole dip.  More than buying it, I wish those sample size were bigger to tell you the truth. But that is why I have three kids… so each of them can get a bite for dad. I don’t think I should feel guilty though. Sampling product has been a common practice probably since … [Read more...]

How Should Medical Practices Address Retail Clinics?

Last week, a pediatrician that saw my “ I have a proposal” post reached out so I could help him with a problem he was having. He said, “OK smarty pants, let’s see what you got.” He didn’t actually say that, but I’m sure he was thinking it. What he actually said was, Brandon, In our area, we’ve seen a few retail clinics pop up. What can we do as a practice to let patients know that visiting retail clinics is not in their best interest?” We … [Read more...]

I Have a Proposal

Since I’ve started the blog, I’ve gotten a few requests from people to help them out with different practice/business issues. After answering a few of these questions, I’ve realized that I really enjoy doing this type of work. I enjoy analyzing data, researching topics, and giving different perspectives in an effort to solve medical practice business problems for other managers and physicians. Here’s why I like it Not only do I help people out … [Read more...]

What Can A Medical Practice Learn From Norman Rockwell?

This past summer I got a chance to visit Washington DC. While I was there, I saw a Norman Rockwell exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. As it turned out, the exhibition was the private collection of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. The exhibition highlighted Rockwell’s masterful storytelling. I didn’t know much about Norman Rockwell before that day. I knew he was a famous American painter and I had seen a few of his … [Read more...]

Medical Practice: Who’s in Your Community?

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Medical Practice Advertisement

This year we have a renewed commitment towards marketing, advertising and growing our patient community. I have a few post planned that describe some of things I've have been working on , so stay tuned for that. As I’ve been thinking about what to do and how we should approach some of these initiatives, I’ve been looking back at some of the things we’ve put together for advertising pieces. So I thought I would share some of these with you all … [Read more...]

How Does One Deal With Physician Rating Sites?

It seems that every couple of months, I hear a story about how a group of doctors that are trying to stifle patient’s ability to post negative comments online. The online community of course strongly opposes the notion of giving patients “gag orders.” People argue that if one can rate their local restaurant or mechanic shop, then why can’t patients rate physician and their offices. I’ve given doctor’s rating sites a lot of thought and I do … [Read more...]

What Is So Special About Your Medical Practice?

Why should your medical practice survive? Why should patients/parents/customers continue to come to your office? Is there anything exceptional about the practice you work for? Does your medical practice do something differen? What is different about your practice? What is so special about it? What do you have that the practice down the street doesn’t have? Is your doctor smarter than the other doctors from the other practice? Is your staff … [Read more...]

Why I Blog

I showed friends my blog the other day and after reading a few post, they said, “Why are you telling everybody your secrets?” In fact, my wife mentioned the same thing when I told her I had decided to write a blog about our practice.  I thought about what they said, and wrote down the reasons I blog. Because I want to share. I decided on a single 2009 resolution, and it was to contribute. I want to share my time, knowledge and expertise. … [Read more...]