10 Signs You Are An Over Stressed Medical Practice Administrator

I ran across this list a long time ago. So long ago, that I don’t remember where I found it.  I can’t take credit for all of them, but some are originals. Feel free to add your own.


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1. You haven’t booked your vacation yet because you are waiting to fill out a prior-authorization form.

2. You insist on setting an example so you schedule time with your friends and family in 10 – 15 min increments depending on the reason for the visit.

3. You’re incline to charge a no-show fee when parents don’t RSVP for your children’s birthday party.

4. You are going to burst into flames if you hear one more time from a patient “my insurance company said you billed it wrong.”

5. During confession you had the priest sign a Notice of Private Practice (NPP)

6. When your kids bring up an issue of concern, you ask them if they documented it in the chart?

7. When you go to the pharmacy to buy something, you feel like you’re aiding the enemy. Especially if there is a MinuteClinic.

8. You stop whatever you are doing to engage with anybody that says doctors make too much money.

9. You often confuse EOBs and your bank statement.

10. You insist on checking if your purchase has been adjudicated when buying from Amazon.