Do You Know About The Section On Administration and Practice Management ?

You know that feeling you get when you visit a great restaurant, vacation at an awesome resort or perhaps see a great stage show and you can’t help but to tell everybody you encounter they have to check it out too?

I get that feeling with SOAPM.    I’ve mentioned SOAPM before on the blog, but for those that know, SOAPM is one of the best – if not the best – resource for pediatricians that have an interest in learning the ins and out of practice management.

One of my favorite SOAPM member is Dr. Christoph Diaso. Recently Dr. Diaso became chairman of SOAPM. So I thought, why not have him tell PediatricInc readers about how great of a resource SOAPM is.

I reached out and he agreed. Enjoy.

Q – What is SOAPM? 

The Section on Administration and Practice Management (SOAPM) is the home at the AAP for pediatricians who want to improve the efficiency and profitability of their practices and the care that we provide our patients.

Q – Did you just say the P word, profitability? 

No margin is no mission! It’s fun to have the financial strength to be able to improve your technology or add additional services that are desperately needed.

Q – And what might those services be?

Depends on the practice, but integrating mental health or lactation consultants into your practice is at the top of my list!

Q – What is it about SOAPM that makes it so interesting for you?

We have an incredibly active and passionate listserv that provides outstanding education about real world problems.

Q – Can you provide a few examples of real world education topics that are discussed on the listserv?

Sure! We discuss things like how to improve employee performance, which CBC machine to use, how to negotiate with payers and deal with regulatory oversight.

Q – Sounds like you cover a lot of topics? 

Every day incredibly valuable practice management tips worth thousands of dollars are dispensed for free! Our listserv is the heartbeat of the AAP.

Q – So how does SOAPM distribute all this valuable educational material?

SOAPM provides this education through the listserv, webinars, and through our excellent section programs at the NCE.

Q – You recently became chair of SOAPM, what are your goals for the section? 

SOAPM has a wealth of knowledge to offer Pediatricians in all arenas, whether practice owners or employed doctors. My goal as chair is to continue to expand the SOAPM membership and to improve the practice of pediatrics.

Q – You mentioned employed physicians, SOAPM isn’t just for practice owners?

SOAPM currently has members in every possible employment situation and is not just for private practice doctors!

Q – Besides private practice doctors and employed physicians, are there any other groups that can benefit from SOAPM?

We particularly welcome young physicians who are interested in learning about practice management since that is usually a knowledge gap for most trainees.

Q- Can practice managers join?

We recognize the amazing contribution of our practice managers and have an outstanding practice manager section with their own listserv.  Every PM ought to belong!

Q – The AAP seems to be more academically focused, completely opposite to SOAPM’s “no margin, no mission” mantra. How does the leadership of the  AAP view SOAPM? 

I agree that some perceive the AAP this way, although I disagree with that perception.  The AAP has become much more responsive to practice issues in the last several years and much of that is due to SOAPM’s advocacy and increasing membership. No margin is no mission is no Pediatricians for children!

Q – What types of advocacy initiatives are you referring to?

We are working on a number of projects currently such as improving VFC flu vaccine delivery, representing pediatric concerns to NCQA PCMH and trying to improve the ABP MOC process.

Q – Any final words?  Please join us and participate in improving the practice of pediatrics!