Do You Have We Employees or They Employees?

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Next time you are in a meeting with your staff, or you are conversing with them, try to determine which employee say “we” and which employees say “they” when they are referring to the company, the management or the leadership of the practice.

What is the difference between the ones that use “we” and the ones that use “they,” and why does it matter?

The “we” are high performing employees. The employees that use the word “they” are the ones that are alienated.

Understanding where each employee stands goes a long way in helping you lead better. That is why I think there is great value is working with the “they” to convert them in to “we” employees.

But don’t neglect the “we.” Our jobs with them is to empower them.


  1. This concept is great! The “we” employees are your best marketers because they are out there voluntarily promoting you to everything they come into contact with. Is your next post going to be 5 tips to convert “they” to “we” employees?


    • Interesting you should ask about converting they to we employees. Although as an employer there are things we can do to help employees appreciate their work environment, I think this transition largely depends on the individual. They have to decide whether or not they belong or not. It isn’t entirely up to the employer.