Better Medicine – One App at a Time

NatalieMy friend Dr. Natalie Hodge has a really cool project that I wanted to tell you about. She is launching an app that helps people manage their health.

Below I’ve embedded a video so you can see what the project is all about. The video explains what they are trying to accomplish, what was the inspiration for the project and how you could help if you think this is something you’d like to support.

Before you watch the video, I wanted to share why I support this project and why I chose to share it with you all.

Natalie is a trailblazer. She has never been okay with our healthcare system. But instead of complaining, she has a history of finding ways to disrupt the status quo. I think that is awesome. Anybody that takes risk as big as Natalie has, has to be supported, applauded, and encouraged.

One of other reasons I like this project is how it uses a growing trend that many feel is counter productive, in to an opportunity.

Many among us complain that children and adults spend too much time on their phones.  While there is some truth to that, Natalie’s project embraces this fascination people have with all these tech devices and uses it to improve patients’ lives. I find this fascinating and compelling.

Especially when you consider that the app has built in gamification features.

Natalie and her team are working hard to empower patients. She is leveraging tech to help people become better patients. Which ultimately is better medicine.

OK, enough about why I think this is a cool project. Here is the video. By the way, the girl in the video is Natalie’s daughter Kennedy. She is 13 and has type one diabetes. Natalie hopes to make diabetes easier for her as she gets older!

To learn about how to support this project click on the link below:

Personal Medicine Plus- “Patient Self Management”