You Can Take Away Our Lives, But You Will Never Take Away Our Freedom

Braveheart_1My co-host on the Pediatric Practice Management AwesomeCast, is working a project that I think many that read this blog will find interesting.  I’ll let you read it directly from Chip’s original post:

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been working with some friends on a concept publication entitled “Independent Pediatrics.” The idea is to share the myriad stories of what it’s like to practice pediatrics independently – the challenges, the success stories, the future.

This will be as commercially agnostic/invisible an endeavor as possible and I’m going to be looking for people and practices with great stories. Kinda’ like “The Moth” or “This American Life” for pediatrics, but printed and WWW-based for this round :-)

The premise, as far as I’m concerned, is that independent pediatricians are _not_ dead or dying. In fact, if you check in with the consultants, we appear to be in the midst of a renaissance.

I don’t have all the details yet, but we are in a rush to produce something in time for the NCE (what are we thinking?). I’m looking for some particular content and I’m being told that I can’t simply make up quotes, sigh. So, I’ve whipped up a 4? 5? question survey for independent pediatricians and their employees to prime the pump of our material.

If you have 5 minutes, or less, I’d be grateful if you could give me something good to chew on:

Thanks for your consideration and when there is something to see, I’ll share it here.

This is a topic that I’m very interested in, considering that the practice I work for, is in fact, an independent practice. Not only that, we want to remain independent. So I’m encouraged that Chip and his friends are taking on this endeavor.

By the way, in an upcoming episode of the AwesomeCast, Chip and I spend about 55 minutes discussing this issue. I think you are going to find it very interesting and valuable. So stay tuned.


  1. In less than 2 weeks, I will share with you and your audience the first issue of “The Independent Pediatrician.” I can’t wait!