Pediatric Practice Management Seminar You Don’t Want To Miss

PMIShowcaseFrom time to time, I get asked what practice management conference/seminars I recommend. As many of you know, there aren’t that many around, so I was only able to recommend one, maybe two.

I’m very happy to be able to add another awesome PM seminar to the list.

My friend Paul Vanchiere from the Pediatric Management Institute is offering 6-seminars around the country that I think you should attend. Or at least send somebody from your practice.

If you haven’t heard of PMI, head on over to their webpage and check them out. Paul and his team are doing some really cool things in the pediatric practice management world. One of these cool things are the seminars. The curriculum for the seminars are specifically tailored to pediatric practice management.

Furthermore, Paul has managed to assemble an impressive group of speakers.

For more details, visit PMI’s seminar page for dates, cities and pricing.

PMI Seminars