#14 Dr. Natasha Burgert Joins Us To Talk About Social Media [Pediatric Practice Management Awesome-Cast]

Wow, we scored big this week and somehow convinced Natasha Burgert – queen of pediatric social media – to speak to us. Her real-life stories are great.

Don’t believe us? Watch/listen and see her Twitter effort or check out her blog.

A special shout out to an awesome vaccine-related charity that Dr. Burgert supports: Shot @ Life!

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  1. Now that I finally figured out how to access the pod casts…I am going down the list…first one being the most current social media which was great. I am currently listening to “house cleaning” and wanted to give some feedback on the PM workshop in Newark NJ and why more people didn’t attend. I have to say I would have absolutely attended and would have put it out to the Delaware MGMA mailing list. I happened to hear about it via Jill S. on listserv when she mentioned in passing. I googled but too late to make arrangements to attend.