#9 Marketing Your Pediatric Practice [Practice Management VideoCast]

Marketing is a topic that most private practices are interested in. Who doesn’t want to get the word out about their practice and draw more patients, right?

When we think about marketing, however, we often focus on the tactics. In other words, we think about whether an ad in the paper or a post-card or social media is better than mailing a letter to daycares in the area announcing the new doc that joined the practice.

 But marketing is much more than the tactics.

Unfortunately, many among us, focus too much on the tactics and not enough on the important.

In this episode, Chip and I talk about what is the essence of marketing and what are the steps or activities we ought to embrace in our practice in order for the tactics to really have an impact.

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If you would like to learn more about the conferences Chip and I mentioned in the recording, check out the links below.

Goryeb Children’s Hospital 15th Annual Pediatric Gurus Conference at Skytop Lodge

PCC Users and Practice Management Conference in Burlington, VT


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