Easy, Easy Way to Implement A Survey Tool in Your Medical Practice

I’ve been thinking about implementing a more streamlined survey tool. But this is one of those things that you know is important, but not necessarily a priority. That is, nothing

surveyis going to fall apart if you don’t send a survey to a patient.

Today, this comment (see below) came across on my screen from the SOAPM listserve that caught my eye.

I emailed Dr. Adams and asked him if I could post this on PediatricInc. He agreed. Dr. Adams discovered a really easy way to implement this using Google Drive.

Dr. Adams writes:

There are many free survey tools out there now, like SurveyMonkey and LimeSurvey.  SurveyMonkey even has the CAHPS survey preconfigured. However I found SurveyMonkey to have some limitations.

Google Drive has a very easy to use survey tool and is implemented at our checkout desk.

It is self explanatory, and requires no prompting or input from the receptionist. It displays a short questionnaire, and when the patient submits it, another comes up for the next patient. It is all automatic.

Google Drive constantly and painlessly tabulates results, placing them in charts that are easy to access anytime, with no knowledge of Excel.

As a bonus, NCQA is requiring surveys now. If you use questions from the CAHPS, as I have have done, then this requirement is met, automatically.


Love it when people find practical ways to do taks that are sometimes a little boring and time consuming.

What does your practice use to survey patients and how do you tabulate the results?


  1. Great share! Btw, if you’re looking for a free online survey tool, SoGoSurvey’s a great software.