How To Start A Credit Card Program On File In Your Medical Practice



My friends over at the blog are putting together another webinar that I think you all should attend.

Mary Pat writes:

We had such a great response to our Credit Card on File Webinars that we are running another session.

If you are still curious about the credit card program on file that I go on and on about, but don’t know how to make it work, how to store credit cards safely or how to tell patients about this new policy, then you should sign up for this seminar.

I attended this webinar, and even for somebody like me that has been doing the credit card on file thing since 2009, I learned a lot from the speaker, Mary Pat Whaley.

For example, I learned about credit card terms, how the credit card fees work, and what are the pitfalls I need to be aware of when negotiating with a merchant service company.

The webinar also sparked some ideas on what were are some of the changes our current policy needs.

Here is the link to sign up:

But hurry. The seminar will be held on March 5

By the way I have no financial interest or agreement with this webinar or with the folks of managemypractice. com. My only motivation is to spread the word about this program so that ALL pediatricians adopt this policy.


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