#5: Company or Practice Culture [Practice Management VideoCast]

Chip and I finally got our act together and recorded another video cast. This time, we talk about company culture.

There is so much to say about company culture. Chip and I only focused on few items of course.

I mostly talked about what are some of the efforts I’ve been employing in an effort to not only strengthen our company culture, but also grow it.

I share some of the tools I used un order to accomplish this.

Chip shares some of the implications of having a less than stellar company culture. He also talks about how company culture comes from the top of the organization.

What does he mean by coming from the top? Well, you will have to see the video to find out.

The video is only 32:22 minutes.

Chip and I however, go on for longer than 32:00 minutes. So, for those of you that want to hear us give further insights, thoughts, or simply hear our discussion, we’ve made the entire hour long conversation available in podcast form.

You can search in iTunes for Pediatric Practice Management or you can go to http://ppmmc.libsyn.com/ which is where we host the podcast.


Resources referenced during the mediacast:  

DISC Assessments

Zappos and “Deliver Happiness”

The Netflix Employee Guide

Management By Baseball by Jeff Angus

The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni


  1. This is great! Currently working on my company culture and I absolutely agree with Brandon. Get the staff to focus more on the company’s values than on rules especially because there are way to many variables and it is hard to create enough rules for each scenario. If they have the values instilled in them, chances are that they will take the right course of action ie follow the ‘rules’. Off to the podcast….