How to Deliver Exceptional Service In a Medical Office

I wrote a piece for FiercePracticeManagement last week that I wanted to share with you all.

The piece talks about an experience I had while I was on vacation. I was trying to reschedule an appointment I had the next day with my doctor. The experience turned into a little ordeal that frustrated the heck out of me.


One part I didn’t mention in the piece due to word limit constraints is that during all this rescheduling fiasco, I was out of the country. Thus, I was using very expensive international pre-paid minutes while I was trying to connect with the doctors’ offices ( I had to deal with two offices). Even the otherwise non-big deal of being put on hold for several minutes felt as if money was falling out of my pockets never to be seen again.

I also had a terrible internet connection that was at best very, very slow, and at worst, non-functioning. All that added to my frustration.

If you are interested in reading about my ordeal as well as learning my thoughts on how I think is the best way to avoid these type of fiascos in our medical practice, click on the link below

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