#4: Front Desk Benchmarking [Practice Management VideoCast]

Chip and I recorded our 4th episode of our Pediatric Practice Management VideoCast. In this episode, Chip and I talk about benchmarking, specifically front desk benchmarking.

I have a little hard time with benchmarking data. Mostly because I can’t pin point how I feel about them. In the video I explain my feelings, so you’ll have to watch to learn the details.

I also share how I go about benchmarking in our practice. Although I’ve never benchmarked copayment collections and other front desk task, I give an example that can also work well for front desk collections.

As usual, Chip had some awesome insight. He shared data that will definitely help you in working towards maximizing your front desk collection efforts.

As if all that was not enough, we talk about hiring front desk staff and dive a little into company culture and how that plays a big role into front desk operation.

Well, I guess I’ll stop typing so you can get on with the video.


By the way, Chip and I have discovered (more like reaffirmed), that we talk too much. Despite our best efforts, we are unable to keep these video cast below the 30 minute mark.

Consequently, Chip has gone the extra mile for everybody and has done the work so that you can consume, listen or watch the video cast in a variety of forms.

You can search in iTunes for “pediatric practice management” and you should find the podcast. If not, shoot us an email and we (Chip) will look into it.

You can also go here: http://ppmmc.libsyn.com/ and listen to the audio version of the broadcast.

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  1. Maybe this is selfish but this videocast was not too long for me! I especially like the part on monetizing the benchmarks because I have found that people work a lot harder when they have incentives, just human nature. Great job!


    • And I am in the market for rock star front desk person so I am more prepared to get the right person.


    • Thank you very much Dr. Una.

      Chip and I feel the same way… there is just to much to discuss.

      But for those that don’t agree with us, we’ve made the videocast available in various format (iTunes, YouTube, Podcast, etc) so they can consume it as they see fit.


      On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 4:04 PM, Pediatric Inc


  2. Shadowing during pre-employment interview = “working interview”, and is a must to make sure the “fit” of the potential employee with existing staff is a good one.

    Eligibility checking is the MINIMAL requirement, as is copay collection. Those are no-brainers, and are necessary for ANY practice to survive. You should strive to collect any UNMET deductible and COINSURANCE at the time of check in as best as you can. Ultimately, IF you can estimate what work will be done on the date of service, collect the PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY on that day as well, and ideally prior to service.

    Front desk collections benchmark: Determine the % of ALL patient responsibility (what you should have collected from the patient for that date of service; not just copays) that is ACTUALLY collected at the front desk. THAT should be one of the BEST benchmarks.

    Making the next appt at check out is another no-brainer. The doc should also be trained to indicate that in the EHR to telegraph the check out person as the timing of follow up and what is planned for the next follow up. Recall and reminder for the follow up appt? Now, that’s another podcast! (automated VM, text msg, email, etc., Optimal timing for reminder messaging, etc.)

    Not only should front desk ask HOW new patients found your practice, but more importantly, “WHY did you choose us” / “WHAT made you choose us?”. It is imperative to build on a model of success and shed what does not work.

    Good luck. I am sure your video-casts benefit many. Good service!