Awesome Webinar: Fixing Revenue Leaks For Small Medical Practices

Webinar-Graphic1We interrupt this scheduled programming to inform you that I’ll be doing a Webinar this Tuesday December 18, at 2 pm ET / 11am PT.

The topic?  Fixing critical revenue-cycle leaks for small medical practices.

The webinar is hosted by FiercePracticeManagemet and it will examine how to fix causes of revenue cycle leaks.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • How to optimize every point of your revenue cycle, from appointment-setting to collecting on past-due accounts.
  • A review of common billing and denials-management deficiencies and how to fix them.
  • Tips for managing the increasingly prevalent bucket of self-pay collections.
  • Strategies for boosting time-of-service collections.
  • How to hire and train employees who take true ownership and responsibility over the practice’s revenue cycle success.

You can sign up for the webinar by clicking “HERE”.