First Ever Pediatric Practice Management Video Cast

When Chip Hart and I get together, we usually have very interesting conversations regarding practice management issues. I usually ask questions or share some of the challenges I’m currently facing at our practice. Chip brings his pediatric practice management consultant insights into the conversation.

After we are done with our conversations I always wish we would have recorded the talk. I suspect that if I found the conversation valuable, others would too.

Recently, Chip and I had another great conversation. But this time, we recorded it and posted it on YouTube for others do enjoy.

Below you’ll see I embedded the talk. We focused our conversation on patient recalls (and a couple of other things).

We’d like to do a few more of these from time to time, so hopefully, you will find it insightful.


I’d love to hear your thoughts. Did you like the topic? Do you like the format? What other topics would you like to have Chip and I address?


  1. This is great, Brandon! I am very jealous that you got a Google+ Hangout posted before me. This is a great format and great information. Well done!


    • Thanks Mary Pat.

      I’ve been wanting to do a Google Hangout for a while now. But it was difficult to schedule. Happy we finally laid it out.

      On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 9:15 AM, Pediatric Inc


  2. Mary Pat:

    The hardest part is keeping the discussion to 10-15 minutes. At least, when Brandon and I are doing it. :-)

    I can’t actually watch it – horrifying – but I am now realizing that my voice still cracks 25 years after it should have stopped. Yikes.

    What do you think about turning these into a podcast as well?
    Any suggestions for additional topics? [We have 100s, but input is welcomed.]


  3. Loved this. Being new to the specialy, but not management, I appreciate all of the input. Very easy to listen to – like overhearing a conversation… Podcasts would be great. I’d catch up on everything I missed.


  4. Love this. Much more lively than just plowing through articles or even reading through my SOAPM emails. And the SOAPM name-dropping made me giggle.


  5. My Favorite Topics:
    (all stuff that we hit on SOAPM all of the time)

    Cutting down on missed-appointment rates
    Balancing acute appointment access with planned-care access; access in general; training older pediatricians to think more in terms of well care and chronic care (you hit some of that on this video)
    Keeping patient accounts from going delinquent, and dealing with them when they do
    When to fire patients? (behavior, financial, missed appointments) and how to do it so that it doesn’t backfire

    One of the biggest struggles we have is with patients who don’t answer their phones at all when we call! Not just for appointment reminders but for clinical questions as well (as in, ‘call this patient and find out more information for me before their appointment today). I don’t know if it is because they are hiding from collections or have cheap cell-phone plans or what, but it makes us crazy that a family who called us for an appointment at 10:00 am can’t be reached on the same phone number two hours later… or a week later with lab results, or a month later regarding their bill.


  6. I must say you both have radio faces, kinda like our own Pediatric Mike and Mike.
    But seriously, great concept in getting valuable individual conversations out there…
    Its like taking the list serve to the next level.
    And what a great first topic!
    We’ve seen tremendous benefit from some of the recall strategies you discussed, and will also take several of your points and implement immediately!
    Nice job and kudos to both of you for taking the first big step.
    Thank you!


    • Glad that our conversation helped you identify a few areas of improvement. That is really what this is all about.

      Thanks for watching and taking the time to give us positive feedback.



  7. Great! I have always had recalls done in my practice but never realized how much money I leave on the table by not having a bigger push. Thanks!



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