Delivery Disparity Between Private Flu vs. VFC Flu

Unless you have Medicaid. You’ll have to wait until we get around to shipping it – Sincerely, the Government.

My friend Dr. Christoph Diasio, MD FAAP has been leading an effort to remove this bureaucratic disparity of care that VFC-eligible children (and their Pediatricians) currently suffer every Fall.

Below is a message he is circulating. I would appreciate it very much if you took the time to answer the questions on his survey. It will only take 30 secs, I promise (provided you know the answers).

Were you frustrated that you had private influenza vaccine long before flu vaccine arrived for VFC-eligible patients? This problem seems to plague many pediatricians every Fall.

This survey will help us celebrate states where the distribution goes well and and identify states that have opportunities to improve! Please help us document just how severe this problem is nationwide and help us eliminate this bureaucratic disparity of care.

We have been informally collecting information on timing of delivery of influenza vaccine for the last 3 years. We hope that shining a light on delivery differences will lead to a decreased number of missed opportunities to immunize all children with influenza vaccine

Our children deserve better. Really!

Christoph Diasio MD FAAP

Sandhills Pediatrics NC

Click here for the survey