Practice Makeover E-Book: 101 Ways to Transform You Practice (Updated)

Last summer, I was asked to give a talk at the Physician’s Computer Company Practice Management Conference. Around the same time, I was starting to write a blog post that talked about 101 things to do in your office. I wasn’t sure how to title it yet.

PCC’s theme for the conference was “Change” so I decided to title the talk 101 ways to transform your practice and expand the post I was working on into an hour talk. But I also wanted to do something different with my slides.

When I go to conferences, I usually ignore people’s slides. Why? Because most people use their slides as a teleprompter. Second, I usually can’t read and listen at the same time so I prefer to listen (surprisingly, I can text, read and respond to email while listening although my wife doesn’t agree).

I also ignore slides because they add little value 3 or 4 weeks after the presentation. Most of them are full of bullet points with half sentences and they usually don’t have examples. Three weeks later I’m trying to remember what was that funny analogy the presenter made about handling Medicaid patients so you don’t lose your shirt but the slide only says:

  • Manage Medicaid patients better.

I decided to create a workbook that would expand my hour talk with more insight and depth. I also wanted to be able to have attendees have something to take with them that was comprehensible 3-weeks or even 12-months after my talk.

I created my slides and I also created a workbook that went a little more in depth and provided some context to my talk that we distributed to the attendees.

After the talk, I decided to make the workbook into an e-book and put the e-book up on the blog for giggles. I knew the e-book wasn’t perfect. There were grammatical errors, several typos and a few formatting issues. But I ran with it. I told myself, if I waited for it to be perfect, I would never put it up.

Besides, any edit job would take a while considering I wrote 101 different things. It was good enough I thought.

As it turned out, a lot of people wanted the e-book. More than I expected. Which is a great of course. But the typos, grammar and formatting bothered me the more people requested it. I decided to have the e-book edited by a professional and adjust a few formatting issues. It is now up to standards!

So, to make a long story a little longer, I’m happy to let readers know that I have an improved, updated version of the e-book.

If you want the improved edited version, I’d be happy to send you the updated one. Even if you already have one. Just send me a note by going here.

Here is the catch though.

You have to share it with at least one person. No, I’m not asking you to start a chain letter. Just share it with other doctors and practice managers that you know.

And the second request I have is for you to consider signing up to receive updates every time I post a new post on the site. If you are not a subscriber, then visit the email subscription section of the blog.

Hope you enjoy it.


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