Survey To Identify Delays in VFC vs. Private Shipments

If your pediatric practice participates in the VFC program, you are aware that VFC generally ships their vaccine later than one’s private vaccines.

As many of us know, this delay becomes a burden during the flu season. For example, in our practice, we often receive our private flu shipment a month, sometimes nearly two months, before VFC vaccines.

I always thought this was an Illinois issue, but apparently, the delay happens all over the States.

There have been variable delivery times with large lags in VFC vs. private stock in recent years. Thus the AAP Immunization Program is conducting a survey on when practices received their influenza vaccine- private and VFC.

I think this is great because the survey helps pinpoint the problem areas.

The AAP was the only one to collect this information last year, and consequently made some significant strides toward identifying where the problems are.

The Immunization Program is conducting a survey again to see if changes have been made for the better this year.

Below is the link to the survey. I encourage you to fill it out. You will need information on hand of what types and quantity of vaccine was ordered, as well as dates and quantity of vaccine received.

Dr. Diaso from Sandhills Pediatrics in North Carolina had this to say:

This is a real opportunity to give input from the front lines and reduce the bureaucratic disparity of care that has been existing in many states for VFC vs private flu vaccine.

They are planning to announce this survey to the broader AAP membership this year in chapter listservs, Smartbrief, etc. So please help the cause by completing the survey. And if you don’t have time, have one of your nurses or office manager complete it for you. They probably have a better idea of many of the answers anyway.