How did you hear about us?

We ask this question all the time when new patients come to visit us. You know what are the two top answers?

  1. My friend/sister/co-worker/neighbor comes here and you guys come highly recommended…
  2. We found you on the web, saw the site, read your reviews online, and your Facebook page and thought this was a great place to come.

The first top answer is of course word-of-mouth. We all know that WOM is the best form of advertising and one should try to foster it as much as we can. Nothing new to report here.

But the second response, what is that? I’d say it is the next best thing to WOM, which is a Positive Digital Trail.

Why is PDT important to our practice? Because as many parents (especially first time parents) are finding us through our online digital presence as they are through word-of-mouth.

I believe that if your practice is not taking an active role in having a digital presence online, you are missing out tremendously. Not only in finding new patients, but also in helping shape your community’s views about pediatrics, healthcare, preventive medicine and many other things that matter to pediatricians.

I came across this video a while back that I think makes a great argument for having a presence online. Fundamentally, this is where the world is moving towards, and if pediatrician’s want to have an impact on newer generations, we have to have a presence.