Top 11 Pediatric Facebook Pages

Does your practice have a Facebook page? If you don’t, have you wondered what your practice can do with a Facebook page? Why would you need one anyway? Have you wondered what other pediatricians are doing with their Facebook pages?

I’ve put together a list of my Top Facebook favorites pediatric pages (I was going to make it top 10, but I couldn’t decide which one to drop). These pages will give you a good starting point. And for those that already have Facebook pages, I’m sure you’ll find great ideas that you can incorporate on your.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, check out what others are doing and tweak these strategies to make them your own!

Editorial note – these are not in any particular order.

Nicholasville Pediatrics 

Facebook’s page does a good job of asking questions to their community. For example, a few days ago, they asked how was school going and if the children were enjoying it. This might seem like a trivial question; but I think it shows a side of the practice that is warm.

They also have pertinent articles and ideas for parents to view. For example, they included a link that to a JPG file where one could print up little lunchbox notes for children. Fun, creative and engaging. Perfect recipe for a great Facebook Fan Page.

Pediatric Associates of the Northwest

This is another well managed Facebook page. They combine informative, pertinent and reliable links as well as blog post from their own practice blog – which drives traffic back to their website.

Pediatric Associates also does a very clever thing that many may want to adopt. They link their Twitter feed to their Facebook page. There are drawbacks to this approach; however, Pediatric Associates seems to have a good idea as to how to manage it. In other words, they don’t flood their Facebook wall with Twitter updates.

Leawood Pediatrics 

This practice keeps their community informed with practice news updates. In the past few days, they’ve been keeping their patients informed about their flu immunization initiatives, shipment arrivals and information.

Facebook makes it easy for them to keep patients informed. Another good reason to have Facebook set up for one’s practice.

Pediatric Associates Kansas City 

PAKC has a very interactive Facebook page. The group keeps the community engaged by asking questions, forwarding informative links, while giving perspective on daily topics. PAKC also combines links from around the web with their own content that they publish from Dr. Natasha Burgert’s blog.

5 – Village Pediatrics LLC 

This practice had a clever idea recently. They started featuring employees and their roles, posting it on their website and linking back on their Facebook page.

This is a perfect of example of using Facebook to drive traffic back and forth from Facebook to their own website. Moreover, they give patients/parents a glimpse of what each person is in charge of in the practice. A nice personal touch.

Village Ped’s Facebook pages also publishes links from around the web that resonates with their community.

Avalon Park Pediatrics 

Avalon Park Pediatrics is the office of solo physician Brian Raley. Dr. Raley uses his Facebook page in a unique way. Apparently, Dr Raley makes home visits. He snaps pics of his patients and posts them on his Facebook page.

Several lessons here beyond Facebook, I think. For starters, doc Raley is using Facebook as a platform to tell a story. His home visits and pics shows a service very few do. Also, they provide us, the viewers of his page, and opportunity to see the connection he has with his patients. I think that is powerful. Especially if you are a mom looking for a pediatrician.

Not to mention he seems like a dude I’d like to hang out with.

Pediatric Partners, PA. Overland Park, Kansas 

PP post frequently on their page, which I think is good thing. Not only do they keep followers informed, it is a good way to remind people that they are there for their patients.

This practice’s page is so good, that I often use it to find links to articles that I normally would miss otherwise. You can tell that who ever is behind the Facebook page, really does a good job of finding excellent resources.

Acorn Pediatrics 

AP has great pics on their Facebook page. When you look at their page, you can sense they are a strong, close nit, supportive practice that likes to have fun. Check out the cookies… how can you not love a practice that embraces cookies like that. They also show how they involve themselves in community drives and initiatives.

I also like how they share different events at their office. For example, they announce not long ago they all did their CPR re-certification. Based on their Facebook page, I would probably take my kids if I lived nearby.

Senders Pediatrics 

Senders was one of the first pediatric practices I “liked” on Facebook. Much like Acorn Pediatrics, they too announce many of the events held at the practice. They also show a “human” side of the practice with their pictures.

Another thing that I noticed is that they seem to engage their patients a lot on the site. Parents post questions, thank yous, and best wishes. In addition, they too post interesting links to different news stories that are either related to the community they serve or pediatric related.

10 Kids First Pediatrics 

This pediatric practice uses their Facebook page to direct parents to reliable sources of internet news. This of course takes time; however, the person that manages the Facebook updates keeps on top of this by linking to other Facebook pages of other pediatricians office in addition to adding their own vetted links.

This is a great approach. Not only does it help to expand the message beyond a single Facebook community, but also it is a great way to “crowd source” interesting links and news updates.

11 Winnsboro Pediatrics 

This is Facebook page is probably one of my favorites. Why? Because Dr. Burlingham does the best job of charming her community.

How does she keep her community to pay attention? In addition to the common denominator among all these sites; which is linking to informative articles on the web, she runs exciting contest. These contents include “guessing” how many jelly beans are in a jar or how many colored pencils are in a jar.

Dr. Pediatrics also adds her own personality to each one of her post. Quick little remarks about the links she is posting which add character to her site and of course to her practice.


I couldn’t miss the opportunity to mention our Facebook page ( I’m not going to include it in the top 11; you can be the judge if we deserve to be up there. But from my biased perspective, I think it is a pretty good darn pediatric Facebook page.

As you can see, there are a lot of things one can do with a Facebook page. Personally, I think all pediatric practices should have a Facebook page. Why?

Because this is where our parents spend their time.

And if we want to be able to provide positive influence in their lives, we have to be where they are. Otherwise, someone else, someone perhaps that doesn’t have their best interest at heart,  will provide them with links and dubious resources.

Do you have a favorite Pediatric Facebook Page? Share it in the comments below.


  1. I would love if you took a look at ours. We are new in the space but recently passed 400 subscribers. We were inspired by our friends to the north, Pediatric Associates of the NW.


    • Thanks for the comments… I just added you guys to the sites to watch. I will most likely update the top 11 as I’ve come across other FB sites that should have been on the list.

      Also, I appreciate the support you’ve given to Survivor Pediatrics (which is the other blog I manage). I see you’ve posted a few of our blog post. Thanks!



  2. Brandon,

    This is a sensational post. It’s hard to find a knowledgeable reviewer on the inside to review websites – bravo!

    Best wishes,

    Mary Pat


  3. Sorry, I misspoke! I meant FB pages, not websites.


  4. You should also check out Mercy Pediatrics-Maumee
    Dr. Olson does a good job of engaging her “fans” both through the content she posts and the insights she shares as a mom of three.


    • Thanks for the comment.

      You’re right… Dr. Olson does a good job with her Facebook Page. I’ll keep an eye out and if I decide to write another post, I’ll include her.



  5. Great post Brandon! Can you check your link for Pediatric Partners, should be…!/PediatricPartnersOPKS
    Love your blog!


  6. Just one more for you to watch: Our parents have had nothing but good things to say about the page, and we just passed 1275 likes.


    • Thanks for the heads up. We actually “follow” PCPeds on our Facebook page. I’ll keep them in mind for the next post I do about Facebook Pages.

      As a result of this post, many have come forward to let me know of other great sites. So I may do a TOP 25 next time. Stay tuned.



  7. Thank you very much for your kind words about our Senders Pediatrics Facebook Page. As a new addition to the way we communicate to our patients, we were pleased and very appreciative of your high remarks.


  8. Brandon, your site is awesome! I really love this post. You provide invaluable advice and I’ve seen nothing else like it on the web tied to pediatric practices.


  9. Your article came up in a Google search of top Pediatric office Facebook Pages, but I’m interested to learn if you’re aware of a more recent article on the subject. Our group’s Facebook Page has been very successful and we’re wondering how our numbers compare to other offices. I’d appreciate any leads you might know.


    • Tim,

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any data on Facebook pages for pediatric office. But what type of data are you looking for? When you say how you compare to other offices, what do you mean?



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